Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Welcome Back

Well, it's finally here. The new blog pages are up and running. After months of pestering the webmaster, and then annoying the acting webmaster, we now have a little more to work with.

The old blog page was okay, but it was time to to take it to the next level. Welcome to the next level. More color, more pictures, even some video, fonts, etc... Yes, it's nothing that wasn't available to any internet user, but it's new to me and I'm having a good time.

We actually constructed these things last week, so I've been doing some experimental posts for a few days. I've tried several ways to do slide shows-- Slide.com, Picasa, AOL and Photobucket. I'm not thrilled with the Slide.com look, but I've found it's the easiest to use.

Like anything else, it's a work in progress, and thanks for stopping by.