Thursday, May 22, 2008

The Rest of the Story

OK, the joke concerning yesterday's "A Day in the Life" blog is over. It's time to come clean. Here is "The Rest of the Story."

Yes, that is my desk. I'm a neat freak.

To tell the truth, that isn't my make up kit, but it does belong to someone else on the morning crew.

Even though I drink a ton of diet soda every day, I don't spend that much time in the men's room.

I don't have an agent, but I do have an attorney look over contracts before I sign them.

Ryan Leckey is not my spiritual advisor, but he does know a lot about sushi. Alas, I have no interest in eating raw fish, so I've never called on Ryan's wealth of knowledge.

Phil Yacuboski is no longer my legal advisor. WBAL-TV outbid me for his services. Phil is now doing quite well in Baltimore, and he's a good sport.
And now you know, the rest of the story.

While I'm throwing around radio references this morning, I have to note the passing of Keeve Berman. There are only a dozen or so radio freaks will know who and what I'm talking about, but I'll do it anyway.

Berman was a native of Greensburg in western Pennsylvania, and he is a radio legend in that part of the state. For ten years, in the seventies and eighties, Berman was an anchor for ABC Radio News. Fantastic voice. Outstanding delivery. A huge talent.

Keeve Berman had a variety of ailments. He was 71.