Monday, June 9, 2008

Jim McKay and Wyoming County

Jim McKay passed away Saturday. For decades, McKay was one of the signature faces and voices of ABC Sports.

While his obituary was running on Newswatch 16 Sunday morning, I thought about McKay's appeal. He came across on television as a very nice man. McKay was smart enough to tell a story, without getting in the way of the story. A lot of people in this "it's all about me" television age could learn from him. He wasn't a goof. He wasn't a clown. Jim McKay never tried to be bigger than the event he was covering. McKay's writing style was simple, but elegant. Read his book if you can find it. He was vanilla. You know what? Vanilla is a pretty good flavor.

Three young people were killed and a fourth was badly hurt in a Friday night crash in Wyoming County. Two had graduated from high school just hours before. If anyone can make sense out of this, I'm more than willing to listen. Police say speed was a factor. Thankfully, alcohol wasn't. It likely all comes down to this-- people make mistakes. My sympathy to the friends and families of the young people who lost their lives.