Thursday, July 10, 2008


It's been exactly one month since I installed a counter on the blog, and things have been going better than I expected. The 6,000 hit mark is approaching, and we may have surpassed it since I posted this.


The site meter gives me more than a number. It also lists the locations (but not the identities, so don't worry) of visitors. About 90 per cent of the hits come from northeastern and central Pennsylvania. There are small clusters in the Harrisburg area and New Jersey. Northbrook, IL is on the list daily. Pittsburgh and Baltimore are there as well. A foreign country pops up from time to time. Reading the list never fails to be interesting.

The blog averages about 200 hits a day. I think we topped out at 265 a few weeks ago. I can't figure it out. Some mediocre efforts do well. Blogs I really liked occasionally fail to strike a chord with readers. My blog doesn't offer a comment section. It's to avoid competition with "Talkback 16." It appears the "inside tv" blogs and bad photographs get the most attention.

Thanks again. I'd be thrilled with five hits a day.

In an attempt to appease the people who like the "inside tv" stuff, we got a couple new trucks recently. Here's one of them.