Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Church and Starbucks

The news is coming out in bits and pieces. The Scranton Catholic Diocese is looking to close a bunch of churches, much as the Diocese of Allentown did. The number could be staggering. We'll have the final tally early next year.

Like it or not, the church is a business. If you don't have the staff (priests), if you don't have the money, if you don't have the parishioners, you have no options.

There were numerous complaints about an alleged serious lack of compassion and humanity when the diocese closed several schools a couple years back. We'll see if any lessons have been learned.

I hate to see people lose their jobs, but it's hard to scrounge up sympathy for Starbucks. The chain is closing hundreds of stores. Who thought it was a good idea to charge a lot of money for a little bit of coffee, and to put a store on every corner? I wasn't a business major, and even I can see how that business model doesn't make sense.