Friday, July 18, 2008

Law & Order

I've been looking for the words to describe the past week here in our area. Only one word jumps out at me: chilling.

A man was beaten to death in Shenandoah over the weekend. Some say it was racially motivated.

Three people were found baten and stabbed to death in Scranton yesterday morning. A suspect was located in Wilkes-Barre yesterday afternoon. The suspect's words to people outside the arrest scene: "I had fun."

You'll go crazy trying to make sense of the week.

One of my former co workers, from my radio days, spent some time in Detroit. He summarized local homicides by saying people around here usually kill people they know. We don't have much random crime. That doesn't make it any easier to take.

Scranton Police were quick to supply the suspect's name and a picture Thursday morning, even a vehicle description. You'd be amazed at how infrequently that happens. It often takes days to get information-- things that could help you spot someone dangerous.

We were looking at surveillance pictures in the newsroom the other morning. The pictures were those of robbery suspects at a "big box" department store. They were awful. A huge company can afford better surveillance gear. I'm beginning to think surveillance pictures on the news encourage crime because would-be thieves see how the cameras can't get a good look at them.

It's good to see we can solve crimes, even though we can't prevent them.