Thursday, July 17, 2008

Politics and TV

Several publications are reporting FOX News anchor and Washington managing editor Brit Hume will go into semi-retirement at the end of the year. He'll work about 100 days a year and will have a role in major event coverage.

I like Brit Hume. He had the onions to move from ABC to FOX, even before the FOX operation was fully up and running. What I really like is his economy of words, a rarity in the business these days.

Two things I've seen recently register as brilliant, in my book. I have one from the Democratic side and the other from the Republicans.

Preparations are being made for Barack Obama to accept the Democratic presidential nomination at a football stadium in Denver, rather than the convention arena. The arena can hold about 20,000. The stadium holds four times that number. It's guaranteed to be an impressive sight.

An extremely well done John McCain commercial is currently being broadcast here in our area. It re-introduces McCain to the American people, what's called an "image" spot. It's among the better political ads in recent memory.