Friday, July 25, 2008

Rain, the Park, and Other Things

Wednesday's rain wasn't all bad. It livened up the waterfall at Aylesworth Park in Jermyn Thursday morning.

I'll be enjoying a rare weekend off. Trish Hartman will anchor the Saturday and Sunday morning broadcasts.

The blog is nearing its fourth anniversary, and I think I've touched on this topic every year. Someone is going to get seriously hurt or killed covering a hurricane.

A television news crew from Austin was cut up on South Padre Island, TX this week covering Dolly. They were covered with glass when a satellite truck window got blown out.

It's just needless grandstanding, and it's going to continue until some poor reporter, photographer, or satellite truck operator winds up in a body bag. You can cover a hurricane without standing in the middle of it, looking like a fool. You're not impressing anyone. Viewers spend more time thinking "why is that idiot out in the storm?" rather than listening to what you're saying. At one time, it was almost interesting. Now, it's a cliche-- and a dangerous one at that. Risks are part of the job. This is just plain silly.