Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Random Thoughts

I haven't done a "Random Thoughts" blog in a while. Translation: I have nothing to talk about today.

Noreen and I briefly touched on it Sunday morning, and Joe expanded on it yesterday morning-- if you consider summer to be the months of June, July, and August... summer's half over. I'm okay with that. I've already seen a few "back to school sales." Time flies.

I have no desire to own an i-Phone.

The opening of the Scranton Farmer's Market interests me more than the opening of the new Batman movie. I'm also having a problem generating interest in the upcoming summer olympics.

The Simpsons Movie has made it to HBO. I've watched bits and pieces recently. I'd forgotten how underwhelmed I was by this film.

I've done stories on two mine reclamation projects in two weeks, and they're really good things. The one I covered last week opens up a new part of the Hazleton area for development. The news is not as good in Carbondale. A mine reclamation project above the city is apparently causing massive run-off problems. Several homes and Business Route 6 were flooded Sunday night and Monday morning. I can almost understand it happening once. Twice is inexcuseable. It has to be fixed and fixed fast. It will also be nice to look on the mountain above Carbondale and see trees and grass rather than mine scarred land.

The word staycation has grown old-- fast. I was doing staycations before they became fashionable. The reason-- catching up on some rest was more important than wandering around America. I have a week off at the end of the month. No plans, even though I'm feeling a bit of wanderlust. I usually save major travel for my September vacation. Cooler weather works for me.

Why do we pay attention to yearly hurricane forecasts? Every year, we hear it's going to be an active season. It rarely happens. However, all it takes is one big storm hitting the U.S. to cause major headaches.

I now work for a much bigger outfit. The company that owns WNEP just acquired eight stations from FOX.

Watching all those churches close over the weekend in the Allentown Diocese was sad. If there aren't enough priests to go around, your options are limited. There are rumors of church closings on the way in another Catholic diocese, but you know how rumors are. On the other hand, I've been hearing those rumblings from too many people lately. There's a strong feeling that something's up.

I don't know if I'll watch tonight's All Star Game. Interleague play has diminished my interest.

Brett Favre has the right to un-retire. The Green Bay Packers have the right to control his fate. Frankly, I'm sick of the whole thing.