Wednesday, August 20, 2008


I'm a sucker for anything for sale at the supermarket or drug store check out line. My car glove box and brief case are filled with a thousand different types of breath mints. I have more nail trimmers than I can use in a lifetime.

Imagine my delight the other morning when I found a 3-pack of Dasani lip balm for half price at Rite Aid.

To make a long story short, Dasani makes bottled water. The company licensed its name to Bonnie Bell for a line of lip balm. Lip balm is another of my addictions. I'm never within a few steps of a tube.

Getting back to the 3-pack, there's one tube of lemon flavored (tremendous!), one tube of raspberry flavored (merely okay), and one tube of "pure water flavor." Huh? Pure water doesn't have flavor, but I guess it sounds better than unflavored, or plain, or natural. In case you're wondering, it has absolutely no flavor, but it works fine-- and you can't beat the price.

I'm waiting for Lysol to come out with a "fresh air" scented disenfectant.