Friday, September 26, 2008

What Took You So Long?

The Detroit Lions fired Matt Millen as president and general manager Wednesday. Millen was hired to run the team in 2001. His record was 31 wins and 84 losses.

I'm not a Lions fan, but it was sad to see the team deteriorate to the point where it was the laughing stock of the league. I posted a similar blog about baseball's Pittsburgh Pirates several months ago. Once great teams, with great histories and loyal fans-- allowed to fall apart.

A lot of people blame Millen for Detroit's problems. The owners picked someone with no managerial experience to run the team. Stupid move? Bold decision? Evidence points to the former, but you have to admire the Ford family for taking the chance. Experience is good. It's not everything. They tried something. It didn't work. Let's move on.

As for the Pirates, ownership there doesn't seven seem to be trying. That's criminal. There's always next year. It doesn't look good.