Friday, October 24, 2008

Random Thoughts

I was both shocked and flattered when a Halloween party invitation landed in my e-mail "in" box. I'm off this weekend, and I actually have the opportunity to attend. I'm passing. I haven't been in a costume since second grade, and I'm not resuming the practice now. Thanks for asking. It was very kind.

I'm not part of the "can't wait for the election to be over" chorus, but something is getting on my nerves-- the campaign commercials that use scare tactics. If you have to scare people into voting for you, you're not much of a candidate.

I will cop to suffering from "poll overload."

Mr. Blackwell passed away this week. He's the guy responsible for the yearly "10 Worst Dressed Women" list. It was awful, filled with mean spirited and catty comments. I have a feeling Mr. Blackwell will need to be dressed in an asbestos suit in the afterlife.

What's the deal with that Scranton cable public access channel? Does audio cost extra?

I can listen to "Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey" every day. Luckily, the 70's channel on my satellite radio plays it quite often.

It's hard to believe we're a week away from November.

The Penn State/Ohio State game interests me more than the World Series, and that's out of character.

There was recently a protest in front of one of the local newspapers, and I doubt the paper cared. If you really wanted to make a point, write to the paper's advertisers and tell them you're staying away because of their association with the newspaper.

I'm on vacation. While I haven't touched a razor since Tuesday morning, I did get a hair cut yesterday.

Norm Jones will handle the weekend morning broadcasts. We're in good hands.