Friday, October 31, 2008


I'm getting the double whammy. Not only do I return from vacation this weekend, it's also time change weekend. Standard time returns at 2:00 AM Sunday. While you're sleeping, I'm working for an extra hour. My usual ten hour shift turns into an eleven hour ordeal. Of course, it evens out in the spring, but that seems so far, far away.

It's a long story, but November vacations are off limits in the TV industry. When standard time used to begin at the end of October, I'd take a vacation, and stick Jon Meyer with the extra hour. Now, Jon gets his revenge when he sees me Saturday night, and reminds me of the pain and torture I inflicted upon him for a few years.

Outside of working that extra hour, I really don't mind standard time. I'm always up very early in the morning, and asleep in the late afternoon. The extra hour of daylight in the morning is a help, and it's easier falling asleep when it's dark at 5:00 PM. Yes, I'm in the minority here.

My bosses and the people running for election Tuesday should be happy. It's an extra hour of commercials.

Happy Halloween, and Happy Birthday to two friends-- Dave in Dickson City and Cathy in Pennsauken, NJ.