Thursday, November 6, 2008

Thursday Scrapple

I thought I'd be suffering from post election withdrawal and depression. It really hasn't been that bad. My incoming e-mails have been reduced by about 75 per cent now that the election is history, and that's a good thing. I almost wore out the "delete" key on my computer keyboard.

Lousy weather yesterday, so I considered taking in a movie. I noticed the downtown Scranton/Steamtown Mall theaters are down to two shows on weekdays-- one in the late afternoon, the other in the early evening. That can't be a good sign. I didn't do the movie. Maybe today.

While driving around the other morning, I passed by a "Waffle House" and realized I'd never eaten in one. Am I missing something? I've never been in a Starbucks, either.

ABC News had the most election night viewers. It was ABC's first election night win since 1996. CNN was second, beating all the other cable networks, plus NBC and CBS.

Note to all the networks: whiz bang graphics aren't that important. Just give me the numbers in an easily readable form, and tell me what they mean. I thought a lot of the graphics Tuesday night were way too small.

Katie Couric suggested the "CBS Evening News" should be expanded to an hour every night. That's not a bad idea-- for all the networks. It'll never happen. Local stations don't want to give up that half hour of air time.

A web site called The Politico provided excellent coverage of the campaign, and it's extremely reliable.

I was okay with candidates going on Letterman and Leno. However, I thought appearing on "Saturday Night Live" and the shows on Comedy Central was inappropriate.

One local newspaper is suing another over allegedly stolen obituaries. As a close friend once said, obituaries and coupons are the only things keeping newspapers in business.

Christmas is coming. My mail box is filled with catalogs, and WNEP's annual snow thrower contest is underway.