Friday, December 26, 2008

It Wasn't That Bad

Once again, I worked Christmas Eve into Christmas morning. A couple years ago, I blogged about how awful the night was, filled with violence and mayhem, just another night in the life of northeastern and central Pennsylvania.

I'm happy to report that this year wasn't that bad.

I feared the worst on the drive down the interstate at 10:00 PM. There appeared to be a lot more traffic than usual for a holiday night. That's never a good sign. All we had was a Turkey Hill robbery, a bunch of domestics, a scattering of car crashes, several overdoses and a few suicide attempts. It was the quietest Christmas in several years.

I don't know if the violent spurt of the last few years was a fluke, or if this calm year is the abnormal one. Let's hope the comfort and joy continues next year.

One other note-- some monster, and I do mean massive, potholes have opened up on 81 North, just past the Central Scranton Expressway exit. PennDOT was on the ball and got them patched Christmas Eve, but you know how patches are in the winter. They never last. Be careful. This is an area that's been plagued by potholes. It's apparent it's not the surface, but rather what lies beneath that causes the problem year after year after year. Maybe this will be the construction season where we get a long term solution.