Friday, January 16, 2009

I-95 Super Bowl

I'm not deterred by last weekend's 1-3 record in predicting NFL playoff games.  Let's try it again.

We'll begin with the NFC championship game.  I will not be a believer in the Arizona Cardinals until I see them holding the Lombardi Trophy at the end of the Super Bowl. Even though Brian Westbrook is hurt, I'm going with the Eagles.

The Pittsburgh Steelers host the Baltimore Ravens in the AFC championship Sunday evening. I love the Steelers and I believe they are the better team. The Ravens have a couple key injuries. However, I'm betting (so to speak) that the Steelers can't beat the Ravens three times in one season. Therefore, I'm picking the Ravens to win. I hope I'm wrong.

I'm not comfortable with either pick. It's a home game for the Cardinals, and that means a lot. The Eagles don't have a great record in big games, and Westbrook's knee is cause for great concern.

Except for Polamalu's calf, the Steelers appear to be in good shape. They're going up against a rookie quarterback and a rookie coach. The Steelers know how to get it done. They're only three years removed from a Super Bowl run.

An "all Pennsylvania" Super Bowl is well within the realm of possibility here. No matter how it ends Sunday, it's an AFC year. Both the Steelers and the Ravens are stronger than anything the NFC has to offer.