Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Please, No!

The Senate has passed it. The House is due to vote on it today. It looks like the analog/digital TV switch will be pushed back to mid June.

The reasoning is that ten per cent of the population isn't ready, even though the switch was announced three years ago. Three years!

You know those annoying "get ready for the switch to digital" public service announcements? Get used to seeing them for four more months.

I hate to sound callous, but there will always be procrastinators, whether the deadline is February 17 or June 12.

I will admit that the government's program that offers $40 discount coupons for the purchase of a digital converter is a mess. It's out of money, but that can be fixed with the stroke of a presidential pen.

You want to hear a dirty little secret? Please, please, please don't tell anyone. You can do without TV. There are concerns about emergency information and weather bulletins. You can get them from radio, as long as your local station didn't flip on an automation switch and allow a computer to run things. That's another rant for another time.

The digital switch? Just do it!

>>>UPDATE: The House failed to pass a DTV delay bill Wednesday.