Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Bouncing Around

Nothing of any major consequence today... just a little bouncing around.

Barack Obama's "Tonight Show" appearance was a good idea. It was a chance to explain the economic mess on a personal, relaxed level. It was an attempt to show he's a "regular guy." However, I can't believe he made the "Special Olympics" crack. How could Obama even remotely think that was funny? Obama is riding a wave of new president popularity, so he got away with it (after a quick apology). I wonder if other politicians, past and present, would have been issued the same pass.

First one of the year yesterday-- a "red flag" alert for brush fire potential.

We just experienced the busiest news weekend in quite a while-- homicides, fires, haz-mat crash, small town evacuation. The homicides were sad, and I'm anxious to discover what was behind them. I'm happy the haz-mat incident wasn't worse.

A few people read yesterday's blog and asked about my first destination with my driver's license. It was the library at the Penn State campus in Dunmore. Born to be wild.

Len Woloson passed away over the weekend. He was the "Morning Mayor" on WARM in the early 70's, just before Harry West returned to the station.

The 30th anniversary of the Three Mile Island accident is coming up, and I'll likely write a few words about that this week. I got a chance to look at a Mike Stevens piece that will air on Newswatch 16 tomorrow night. Mike covered TMI in 1979. You'll enjoy the "look back" Mike put together. It brought back a lot of memories.

I'm really not that excited over the approaching new baseball season.

The "Twilight Zone" was such a great series. I caught an episode before work Monday morning. Jack Klugman was a pool hustler, who played a champ from the great beyond, played by Jonathan Winters. It worked on so many levels, and you don't see TV like that these days.