Saturday, April 18, 2009

Bad, Bad Photography Weekend

Before WARM fades into the history books, a little behind the scenes stuff...

This is a picture of the transmitter building, located off a dirt road in Falls. WARM was a strange station in that it is licensed to Scranton in Lackawanna County. The studio was in Avoca, then Plains in Luzerne County, and the transmitter is in Wyoming County.

The malfunctioning transmitter, the one they won't fix, is inside.

In a strange way, this building led to my job at WARM. Engineers used to be on duty here in Falls 24/7. Part of their duties included playing the Sunday morning public affairs and religion shows, from the transmitter site. I'm not sure exactly why, but there was a change, and they decided to play the religion and public affairs tapes from the Avoca studio. The two guys who had the job before me bailed. I came along, and stayed for nearly 11 years.

One of my favorite jokes is that 19 years after I started at WARM, I'm still working the weekend overnight shift.