Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Harry Kalas

Phillies broadcaster Harry Kalas died yesterday at the age of 73. He collapsed in the broadcast booth of the baseball stadium in Washington, a few hours before game time. Some may say he died doing what he loved. On the other hand, there are better ways to go than passing in a stadium.

Kalas will be remembered as one of the best. Great voice, lively delivery, enthusiasm-- even in the years when the Phillies were awful. He coaxed the best out of fellow broadcaster Richie Asburn, who could be extremely dry at times. 39 years with the Phillies.

Harry Kalas also did voice over work for NFL Films, and he handled a Sunday NFL game of the week on radio.

He livened up many a summer night. Harry Kalas was baseball.

Staying with baseball for a moment... my eyes were falling out of my head Wednesday from too much reading and computing. I had to get some air, so I walked around Lackawanna County Stadium. Yes, I know it has another name, but if the bank wants me to mention it here, they can send me a check.

Anyway, I don't love baseball as much as once as I once did, but it was a fun atmosphere Wednesday afternoon. They were getting ready for opening night. The soda and beer people were doing their thing. The clean up was underway. The grounds crew was taking care of the field. The Yankees were practicing in the outfield. I snapped off a camera phone picture, and it's above.

I can't get to the opener because it's on a Friday night, and I'm working. It's been a couple years since I've been to the stadium. Maybe I'll be back in '09.