Thursday, April 23, 2009


WalMart founder Sam Walton developed a concept he called MBWA, or management by walking around. Walton wanted his managers walking around in the store, seeing what's going on, talking with customers, and seeing what can be done better. Walton hated the thought of his managers parked behind a desk in an office all day.

I do something called PABDA, or political analysis by driving around. Scranton is my favorite location for that. I look at the campaign signs, the number, where they're placed, the quality of the work. If you have your signs in front of private homes, things look good. If the only place you can stick them is abandoned property and vacant lots, start preparing your concession speech.

Signs can tell a lot about your organization, your money, your friends.

PABDA isn't perfect because there is one thing that you can never forget: signs don't vote.