Thursday, May 7, 2009

Bank On It

Thanks to direct deposit and ATM's, I rarely set foot in a bank. This week, two bank visits in three days.

The first, Monday morning at the bank you see above. It's the new Fidelity branch on South Main Avenue in Scranton. Fidelity provided the photo. It's an impressive building. The flooring is made of recycled material. Big windows let in the daylight and reduce the need for electricity. The roof reflects heat, rather than absorbing it.

Fidelity was being recognized for its green technology, but the real reason we were there was to talk with Sen. Casey about recent statements by Bishop Martino. The bishop feels Casey has been siding with pro choice forces in the senate, and we needed to hear what the senator had to say about it.

Fear not, Fidelity fans. We managed to weave the "green" recognition into our story.

My second visit was Wednesday afternoon. I dropped into the Steamtown Mall Pennstar branch to cash a small rebate check. That too, is an interesting branch. It resembles a coffee shop rather than a traditional bank.

Okay, I've taken several paragraphs to get to my point. I don't care what the bank looks like. Of course, it has to appear somewhat professional to inspire customer confidence. My main reasons for choosing a bank and branch is the ability to get me in-and-out quickly, and location.

While the newer bank branches are nice, it's the customer service that will inspire my loyalty.