Friday, May 15, 2009


Bankruptcy, either financial or moral, gives you the cover for doing some cruel things.

Chrysler is getting rid of about 25 per cent of its 3,200 dealers. Some had been selling Chryslers for decades. They received letters yesterday, telling them they were out.

I do understand Chrysler is having some extremely difficult times. I read the opinions of experts, who feel natural market forces should determine who stays and who goes, rather than one swift blow of the axe. The process would be gradual rather than sudden.

We're in new territory here, so no one really knows who's right.

I do know it's sad.

The Chrysler star has lost a lot of its shine. It's not just a "dealer" affected here. It's everyone from the salesmen to the office people, to the people in the garage who get hurt, and hurt badly. And, let's not forget about their families.

The goal, of course, is to come out of this with a stronger American auto industry. Tell that to the people losing their jobs.