Monday, May 4, 2009

The End is Near!

I went through that big song and dance last week on cancelling credit cards. So, what shows up in my mail box Friday afternoon? A credit card offer!

It went right in the shredder.

Look at it like this. Credit card offers dried up last year when the economy went in the tank. One arriving in my mail box could be a sign the worst is over, and the economy is on the upswing. It came from a local bank, and I can't remember that bank sending me a credit card offer before, even though I maintain a small emergency savings account there.

Much to my surprise, the house passed a bill of rights for credit card holders last week. It's a bit too complicated to describe here. It's a start. Much more has to be done. The bill is on its way to the senate for consideration.

It's too bad it took a major recession for congressmen to get off their butts and do something consumer friendly.