Wednesday, May 27, 2009


The summer vacation season is here, and the discussion starts anew.

"Staycation" was the big word of the summer of 2008. Gasoline prices were high. The economy was slipping. Staying home, or close to it was in vogue.

Fast forward one year. The economy, by most measurements, is in worse shape than it was one year ago. Gasoline costs less, but it's climbing.

The Allentown Morning Call newspaper did an unscientific web poll. 79 per cent of the people who responded say they will stay close to home this summer.

I do have a little time off this summer, and I did a web search for hotel rooms. I keep hearing how there are major bargains out there, but I haven't found any real deals. The prices look the same as last year, at least for the places I'm considering visiting.

Another "staycation" looks more than likely.