Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Adventures in Consumerism

Kodak announced it will cease production of Kodachrome film later this year. The move makes sense. It accounts for less than one per cent of Kodak sales. There's only one lab left in the country that processes it.

Kodachrome became a specialty product. Most people were like me. When I was shooting film, I used a cheaper, all purpose film. Then digital came around.

Paul Simon helped make Kodachrome famous. I wonder what kids will think then they stumble across the song on an oldies station. "Dad, what's film?"

And then, there's a Pizza Hut. I was never in love with its food. It's a fair, albeit generic product. Pizza Hut is branching out into pasta, and the chain wants to freshen its image. "Pizza" is disappearing from the signs in an effort to appeal to a younger crowd. The restaurants will now be known as "The Hut."

I'm sure the marketing geniuses have done the research, and there's evidence to indicate the name change will increase sales.

I think there's a more effective way to get customers through the doors. Make better food.