Friday, June 12, 2009

Random Friday

Thanks to the administrator of NEPA Blogs for adding a link to this blog. It's greatly appreciated. Stop by when you get a chance. Our area has some talented writers and thinkers, excluding myself.

I generally sleep during the day, and I wander the planet at night. I don't mind the occasional cool and rainy day, but the last three weeks have been awful. This has been the most depressing weather pattern in quite a while.

Bing has really grown on me.

Beginning tomorrow, you can pick your own FaceBook name. As the great Terry McNulty would have said, "Everybody say whopee."

I've discovered people aren't talking about Twitter as much as they did just a few weeks ago.

Chastity Bono. What's up with her?

During a stop in an electronics store yesterday, I looked at one of those new "netbooks." I like the concept, but I wasn't impressed. The screen was too small and hard to read. For just a little more, you could get a nice full sized laptop.

There are mixed reports on the new Wilkes-Barre Sonic. I've read internet entries that say it's impossible to get close to the place. I passed by yesterday, around 9 AM and saw plenty of open stalls. I guess it depends on the time of day.

Trooper Joshua Miller is being laid to rest today. One of the best ways to honor his memory is to get a full, open, and honest accounting of exactly what happened Sunday night.

USA Today plans to begin charging for an internet version of the paper. I think they'll soon discover people can do without it.

Don't ask me why, but I find myself stopping on the Travel Channel more often these days.

NBC has cancelled "My Name is Earl." TBS considered picking it up and producing new episodes. Unfortunately, TBS couldn't make it work financially. "Earl" is gone, except for reruns.

Iron City brewing is keeping its offices in Pittsburgh, but beer production is moving to Latrobe. The brewery says it's cheaper to brew in Latrobe rather than renovate the Pittsburgh facility. At least the jobs are staying in western Pennsylvania, but the city is losing part of what makes it special.

There are indications Pennsylvania won't have a new budget by the start of the July 1 fiscal year. It's not the first time that's happened, and the people in Harrisburg wonder why citizens have lost faith in government.

I still can't believe there are millions of people who still are not ready for today's analog television shut off.

Remember, Sunday is Flag Day.