Thursday, June 25, 2009

Sports Fashion

I'm no fashion expert, but due to the lack of anything really major happening, a few comments today on a couple sports teams.

The Oregon Ducks, who change their uniforms every few years, are out with their 2009 look.

The Ducks have always been on the cutting edge. If you do a search, you can see all the different styles the team has used during the past couple decades. I'm a big fan of green. This one isn't too bad, even if it does remind me of the uniforms from the movie "Rollerball."

The NBA's Philadelpha 76'ers are going in the opposite direction. The team announced Tuesday that it's returning to its look of the sixties. I'm generally a traditionalist, but this look appears so old and dated. The just dumped logo, which first appeared in 1997, was too hip for my tastes. The Sixers could have found something in the middle, traditional, yet fresh.

Red, white and blue are back in. Silver, gold, and black are out. The owner says they are returning to the look the Sixers had when they won the world championship, twice. Newsflash: it'll take more than a new logo and uniforms.

Let's not kid outselves here. Teams change logos to get you to buy more stuff-- like caps, tee shirts, jerseys, and sweatshirts. I have a feelings sportings good stores in southeastern Pennsylvania will be a little busier than usual in the months to come.