Sunday, July 19, 2009

I Hate to Say It, But...

I realize it sounds strange, but I'll say it anyway. I really enjoyed the coverage of Walter Cronkite's passing.

Regular blog readers know I'm a broadcast history junkie. Heck, I'm the guy who just wrote several paragraphs on the "anklepants" font.

I flipped around so much, and viewed so many items on the internet that it's impossible to single out any one network's coverage. They were all good. You can't miss if you have good material. The life and work of Walter Cronkite is good material.

I do admit there are some sad feelings. Many of the Cronkite clips dealt with tragedies.

Some of the video brought back childhood memories. Some good. Some, not so good.

Jumping forward a few decades, I remember how thrilled I was when Governor Casey called me by my first name. Kings, prime ministers, and presidents called Cronkite "Walter." Those who knew Cronkite say it didn't go to his head.

A New York Times reporter nailed it perfectly when she described Cronkite's appeal as "approachable authority."

Walter Cronkite led an amazing life.