Monday, July 27, 2009

Too Good, Too Bad

A friend who has a connection to it invited me to listen to my old college radio station recently.

While the alternative rock format isn't my thing, I was still able to get a handle on the presentation.

It was good. Very good. Too good.

It's a matter of mission. I look at college radio as a place to make mistakes, develop a personality, and figure out what radio is all about.

My old station now has a slick sound, and it could give many commercial stations around here a strong run for their money. Yes, it's that good.

Allow me to have a "geezer moment." It's a big change from my day. We had brittle, old tapes and scratchy LP's. The sound was rough, but we had heart. It was a whopping ten watts when I was a freshman. You could spit a longer distance than the signal reached. We were thrilled when we got the okay to go to 100 watts. Now, it's a strong 2,000 watt signal.

The 2009 station is a tightly formatted masterpiece, and I hope the students there are still given a chance to learn within their new parameters.