Friday, August 21, 2009


The Scranton Fire Department was still pouring water on the Community Bake Shop building when I stopped by yesterday morning.

I've had more than my share of "geezer" moments on the blog this week. Please, indulge me one more time.

As I watched the bakery burn early Wednesday morning, I started thinking about how sad it is to lose another bakery. There was a time when every little town had at least one bakery, at least one very good bakery.

I haven't been in a bakery in a long time. There are two reasons. Although I have a weakness for authentic bagels, cheese danish and chocolate chip cookies, I've been trying to avoid those delicacies, and the places where they're made. The other reason is that there are some really good supermarket bakeries around, and they've taken the place of the specialty shops.

Below is the view from the back of the building. The Community Bake Shop is at the left. The roof with the air conditioning units closest to the camera is that of the Steamtown Mall bridge over Lackawanna Avenue.

It's clear the building will have to come down. There's a good chance it's down by the time you read this. There's a lot of empty space in downtown Scranton. I hope the Community Bake Shop finds a new home.