Friday, August 14, 2009

In Pursuit of Happiness

Don't get me wrong. I like money. I've tried not to let it become the overwhelming influence in my life, and I think I've succeeded.

As for Conahan, Ciavarella, Sharkey, Powell, Scarantino, Oliveri, Dunn, Height, Holly, Mericle, Costanzo, and who knows how many others, I have one question: Was it worth it?

Many on the above list will lose their freedom. All have lost their reputations. Was it worth it?

You've hurt your families. You've hurt your friends. You've hurt innocent people you don't even know. Was it worth it?

I'm trying not to preach from a moral high horse. I've made my share of mistakes. We all have. Some people just happen to make bigger, and more costly, mistakes than others. Was it worth it?