Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Don't Get It

It seems there is an increasing number of issues I've been having problems wrapping my brain around. This is only a partial list.

I don't get the appeal of "fantasy football."

Why are there so many shows about baking, assembling, and decorating fantastic cakes on cable television?

I have a credit card that works everywhere, except WalMart and Sam's Club. The credit card company is at a loss to explain it.

Why does cool weather seem to make a sudden arrival on September 1 every year?

Luzerne County seems to have an endless supply of corrupt politicians.

What does a "jury commissioner" do, and why do we need one?

I don't understand how people can work very hard to get the jobs they have, and bail out the second things get rough.

Blaming the media for your woes is easy, but it never works. Why do people continue to do it?

Where is the Viewmont Mall hiding its benches? I had a tough time finding a place to sit while I had my small cup of ice cream Monday afternoon.

Actually it was a DQ Blizzard. $3.29 for a small. When did those things get so expensive? Tasty, but not worth $3.29.

Why does a two bladed razor work, for me, as well as one with five blades? It's also a lot less expensive.

Rachel Ray won an Emmy.

This one is borrowed from a friend. The Catholic Diocese of Scranton had to close churches and schools due to financial issues, but it still has the money for a large and mostly empty retreat in Dalton.

Why isn't there massive outrage over the lack of a state budget?