Thursday, October 29, 2009

Football in Mouth Disease

 As usual, WNEP will have one college football game late Saturday afternoon and another Saturday evening.   Michigan at Illinois is the 3:30 PM game.  USC at Oregon is the prime time match-up.You won't hear analyst Bob Griese.  ESPN, which supplies games to ABC, has suspended Griese for a week.  The infraction?  A racially insensitive remark involving NASCAR driver Juan Pablo Montoya.  Griese made a crack about Montoya being away, eating a taco.  Griese's assumption was that Montoya is Mexican.  He's actually Colombian.  No matter.  The damage was done.
I don't think Griese is racist.  He is stupid, and he made a mistake.  Griese's issued a few apologies.  I'm okay with that.  George Bernard Shaw said "Dying is easy.  Comedy is hard."  I'm sure Bob Griese now knows what Shaw was talking about.  Leave the comedy to the professionals.