Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Mr. Negativity

Perhaps I should explain...

Contrary to popular belief, I don't enjoy being negative.  A few negative spurts erupted while I was filling in for Tom Williams on Newswatch 16 Monday morning.  I still feel the same way, but a few extra words, things we didn't have time for on the air, should be added.

Yes, I don't like board games.  I do a fair amount of thinking on the job.  I do even more on my days off, keeping up on the news, looking for story ideas, planning, etc.   During my rare down time, I don't want to think.  Hence, no board games.  No cards.  Nothing.  On top of that, the news business is very competitive.  I don't want to compete when I don't have to.  Again.  No board games.  No golf.  No games, period.    Having said that, the Northeast Regional Cancer Institute is holding a fund raiser, involving board games, at Mohegan Sun Thursday night.  It's a good cause.  If you're in to games, go.  It seems like there are other things to do there, even if you don't do games.  There's more information at WNEP.com.

Yes, I don't like Halloween.  When you hit 12 years old, Halloween's over.  It's great fun for kids, as it should be.  Once adults get involved, it becomes big business, like the way adults ruined baseball cards.  Adults sucked all the fun out of it.  I remember the day, just a couple years ago, I had lunch, on Halloween, at one of the big chain restaurants.  The name has a day of the week in it.  That narrows it down to two, and I'll leave it at that.  Anyway, the help was "encouraged" to dress up.  They looked absolutely miserable.  Leave the costumes to the kids.

Yes, I'm not a FaceBook person.  If it works for you, tremendous!  I have the blog.  I have the web site.  That's enough for me.  My little corner of the world wide web is filled.  I'm not that hard to find.  All my life, I've had a small circle of friends.  I'm okay with that.  I don't need hundreds of web site friends.

Yes, I work difficult hours.  Don't cry for me.  That's the life I've chosen.  I'm always some degree of tired, and I recently I learned I have a vitamin D deficiency, most likely from a bad diet and a lack of sunlight.  On the other hand, I work on very popular weekend and weekday morning news broadcasts.  The staff is great, and I've learned to enjoy time off during the week. 

Now, you know.