Saturday, October 24, 2009

Old and New Rock 107

One of my favorites, today, on Bumper Sticker Saturday...  It's one of the crown jewels of the collection.

In the late 70's WEZX switched from a "beautiful music" format to rock.  The white bumper sticker is one of the first logos, if not THE first logo of 107 as a rock station.  I loved it.  It had color.  It had character.  It was different.  I think there was a prior bumper sticker.  Rather than the giant call letters, it said "Your 24 Hour Rock Concert."

The logo that followed had a slight modification.  The "FM" in the sunburst was replaced with "Rock."

From what I understand, one of the managers later determined the pretty sun logo wasn't "rock" enough, so the lower logo was revealed.  Nice.  It gets the point across, but it's a little too generic looking for me.  It looks like every other rock station logo in every other city.

Rock 107 has been hugely successful for years, so, in retrospect, a logo change probably wasn't a bad idea.  Of course, the format is the star.  WEZX has been rock for more than thirty years, and in this day of rapidly changing formats, it's nice to turn on the radio and know what you're going to get.