Thursday, October 15, 2009

A Rush to Judgement from Quite a Group

Rush Limbaugh wants to buy the St. Louis Rams, and a lot of people are against that, including the players' union and some current NFL owners.

Let's take a look at the guys who own NFL teams right now.

Daniel Snyder of the Redskins owns the Johnny Rockets chain of restaurants.  Carolina owner Jerry Richardson made his money through ownership of some Hardees and Denny's restaurants.  Both men became rich through overpriced, mediocre (at best), greasy, cheese laden, gravy dripping food.

Woody Johnson of the New York Jets is part of the family that owns Johnson & Johnson products.  He made a fortune through Band Aids and other high priced health care items.

John Mara, Giants owner, amassed a fortune through Loews Hotels.  A few hundred dollars for one small room, for one night.

Titans owner Bud Adams, Texans owner Robert McNair and Broncos owner Pat Bowlen got rich through electricity, energy, and oil-- things that have far outpaced the inflation rate.  Bowlen is also a lawyer, and we all know how much people love lawyers.

Dallas owner Jerry Jones and Saints owner Ted Benson are in many businesses, including selling cars.  Car dealers enjoy a wonderful reputation, don't they?  We also have to put the owner of the Lions, the Ford family, in this group.

The family that owns the Indianapolis Colts snuck the team out of Baltimore in the middle of the night.  What a fine, upstanding group!  By the way, the Irsay family is among Limbaugh's most vocal detractors.

Ralph Wilson owns the Buffalo Bills.  Buffalo loves and supports its team, yet Wilson is pushing to play more games in Toronto every year.

The owner of the Philadelphia Eagles is giving millions of dollars to a quarterback who, for many years, got perverse pleasure out of watching dogs kill each other.  On top of that, the quarterback never realized it was wrong.  It's a nice reward for a soul-less thug.

Arthur Blank owns the Atlanta Falcons and Home Depot.  Hey Arthur!  Why not hire a few more people to run your cash registers so I don't have to wait in line all day?

The former owner of the Miami Dolphins got rich through garbage and selling cars.

Al Davis has moved the Raiders from Oakland, to Los Angeles and back to Oakland.  He's made a joke of his franchise.

None of the above people engaged in criminal behavior, and there's nothing wrong with making a buck on the free market.

However, we can't forget about Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots.  His team was fined for cheating.

Is a drug abusing, pill popping, big mouthed talk show host with controversial opinions so bad?  Rush Limbaugh is no worse than the rest.

Late Wednesday, it was announced Rush Limbaugh was being dropped from the group of investors trying to buy the Rams.