Wednesday, October 21, 2009

So Long, Pioneers

To make a long story short...  the Wilkes-Barre Pioneers were for sale.  A potential sale fell through.  Management is closing the local office, and the Pioneers will not field a team in 2010.

I guess there's always a chance the Pioneers will return in 2011, but who are we kidding here?  For all intents and purposes, the Pioneers are gone for good, and that's unfortunate.

The Pioneers play weekends.  I work weekends, so I made it to all of one game in the team's eight year history.  I thought it was too noisy, and there were too many distractions/games/promotions that took away from the play on the field.

Having said that, I had an okay time at the game.  I liked the Pioneers.  They tried hard.  They promoted.  They worked at it.

Unfortunately, economic factors always have the upper hand these days.

It was fun while it lasted.