Sunday, October 25, 2009

Soupy Sales

Soupy Sales died Thursday.  He's been out of the public eye for quite some time, so I feel he's not getting his due.  Here it is.

Soupy was one of the television pioneers, and his kiddie show heyday was a little before my time.

As many of you know, I like old game shows.  Soupy was a regular panelist on the syndicated "What's My Line?" from 1968 to 1975.  Soupy managed to be funny while still taking the game seriously.  He also made several appearances on the 1980 version of "To Tell the Truth."  Same story.  He played the game seriously, but gave you a chuckle at the same time.  Not many "celebrities" can do that.

One other thing.  Soupy was a frequent guest on Joey Reynolds' all night radio show.  We knew he could be silly, but he coule also be smart, sharp and witty, an under rated talent.

Soupy Sales was 83.

By the way, he was also very good at "Pyramid."