Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Still No Grass

The World Series starts tonight, so let's talk a little baseball.  I dropped by the stadium in Moosic yesterday morning to check out the field replacement project.

I expected to see grass by now.  All I got was a lot of dirt and heavy equipment.  Considering the scope of the project, I shouldn't have been surprised.  A grass baseball field requires an extensive drainage system, something the stadium didn't have when the artificial surface was replaced a few years ago.

We've observed scenes like the ones above many times in the past, but it's still startling, at least to me, so see heavy equipment on the field.   The photos don't do it justice.  There are some big pieces here.  Yet, they look small in the massive outfield.

It appears the sand layer is just about finished.  The grass is the next step, and it will be laid down just in time.  Winter is rapidly approaching.  The lights were on early yesterday morning, to give the crew more time to work.  These photos were taken around 8 AM.

As for the Phillies and the Yankees, I don't know who will win, and I don't care who wins.  All I'd like to see is a clean, seven game series.  I don't think there is anything more exciting in sports than the seventh game of a World Series.