Friday, October 2, 2009

Tales from the Road

Just a few extra thoughts from this week's adventures as a reporter...

A photographer and I went to Susquehanna County early Monday morning, to cover a triple fatal crash.  On the way, and not far from our destination, I had to get out of the truck for a moment.  I looked skyward, and was startled.  It was foggy on the ground, but crystal clear above.  You don't realize how much light pollution there is here down in the valley, until you get out in the country.  I can't remember seeing that many stars and planets.  Spectacular doesn't begin to describe it.  Unfortunately, I could have used some light.  It was so dark, I didn't see that enormous puddle.  There's nothing like stepping in to shin deep cold water at 4:30 AM.

Tuesday brought flu duty.  People were lining up at the Carbondale Senior Citizens Center to get their flu shots.  There was a big turnout for Lackawanna County's first elderly flu clinic of the season, and they ran out of the vaccine early in the afternoon.

That raises an interesting point.  We in the media have to walk that fine line between useful and necessary information, and shameless hype.  I'm not a company man, but I believe we're doing a good job at WNEP.  Others might have tap danced over that line.

Flu prevention is important, and a big part of that is the vaccine.  No matter how many times we say it, there will be people unprepared for the flu season.  Maybe the hype is an important part of getting people to realize the dangers of the flu.  You can get the list of clinics around the area at WNEP.com.