Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ego Trip and a Little Help, Please

Cars used by the Luzerne County Sheriff's Department got a spiffy new look this year.  Green and gold, one of my favorite color combinations.

The following point is moot, but indulge me.  I'm headed in that direction anyway.

The cars feature the name of the sheriff above the back door.  Why?  They're not his cars.  They're yours.  County owned property shouldn't be part of an elected official's ego trip and re-election campaign.

Sheriff Michael Savokinas resigned in September, less than half way through his four year term.  I told you today's blog is a moot point.

I hope someone in charge, whether it be in the commissioners' office, the sheriff's office, or some other county department, has the common sense to keep an eye on what's going on.  The personalized cars should never have been allowed to happen.

But then again, we could go in the other direction.  The county's in debt.  It needs money.  Badly.  We could sell the naming rights to the Sheriff's Department cars, much the way Mohegan Sun bought the naming rights to the arena.

I can hear it now on the nightly news... "Mr. Palumbo was taken to the Luzerne County Jail in the Mohegan Sun Prisoner Transport Vehicle..."

It could work.

On another topic, I came across this paragraph in a newspaper story on the arena naming rights deal.
But Naming Rights Committee Chairman Dave Palermo said one big difference between the old and new agreements is that Mohegan Sun will make annual cash payments to the authority, whereas Wachovia Bank made payments in lieu of fees.
Can someone please tell me what it means?