Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Election Day

This is one of my favorite days of the year-- election day.

It's like the Super Bowl of the TV news business.  Weeks of planning and research will be used tonight as the numbers come in.  There is always a surprise or two, an upset, something that you really didn't see coming.   You never know what will happen when it's in the hands of the voters, and that's the big thing that makes election night so much fun.

I'll be watching from a distance.  Management has mercy on those of us who pull the early morning shift.  We get the night off.  I should be catching up on my sleep, but I'll be in front of the television and the computer, constantly checking the numbers.

>>>SERMON ALERT<<<  There are predictions of a low voter turnout today.  Prove the experts wrong.  Get out and vote.  It might be an "off year" but every election is important.

THIS WEEK:  There are weeks it's a struggle to come up with material, and then, there are weeks like this one.  I hope to talk a little about the election results tomorrow, and get in some words on the new stadium grass and the Career Technology Center later in the week.  Another weekly bumper sticker is set to go on Saturday.  We'll be showcasing a little politics.