Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flawed Reasoning

The city of Scranton wants to double what it costs to park at meters in the city.

There are few things that are more anti-shopper and anti-business.

Part of the "logic" for the move is Scranton, with the higher rates, will be in line with other cities in the state.  What difference does that make?  Shouldn't Scranton be a trend setter, making it cheap, easy, and dare I say, pleasant, for people to come downtown and conduct business?

I do recognize the need to hold down property and business taxes.  The money to run the city has to come from somewhere.

Here's an idea.  Why not install meters along South River Street, Mattes Avenue, and Hickory Street, just below the General Dynamics plant?  A lot of people park there, all day, for free.  If you have more meters, you can charge less at each one.

I like coming downtown, and a few more quarters won't bankrupt me.  However, those suburban shopping centers, with their acres of free parking, look better every day.

An official vote re-count took place yesterday in Lackawanna County.  It's more important to get the numbers right rather than get them fast.  It seems Lackawanna County can do neither.  It's 2009.  There's no reason for this.  There are flaws in the system that aren't caught before the election, and flaws that seem to multiply afterward.  It seems like there are different, and serious issues with each election.  This has to change.

The official vote count yesterday did show some different numbers, but the November 3 winners and losers remained the same.