Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ham and Egg on a Hard Roll

When I was employed down the street, I generally worked the day shift.  It would be a little different on election days.  I'd arrive very early to do live shots for the morning news, do a taped story for the noon news, go home, sleep a while, come back to work in the evening, and cover an election related story for the late news.

One of my favorite places to go live for the early morning news was the polling place at the Dupont Borough Hall in Luzerne County.  Why?  There was a little diner across the street.

This is the way the building looked on election day last week.  The diner's long gone.

The diner's claim to fame was proclaimed on a large sign out front:  "Ham and Egg on a Hard Roll, 99 cents."

I don't like hard rolls, but the sandwiches for take-out were wrapped in waxed paper by the cook.  The heat and moisture from the hot ham and egg would steam the hard roll to soft perfection.  You couldn't beat the price.  You couldn't beat the flavor.  They were filling.  Two of those sandwiches, and you were good to go for several hours.

I still enjoy elections as much as I ever did, but I really miss the diner and those sandwiches.