Saturday, November 21, 2009

Times Change

WEJL is the radio station with the tower atop the Scranton Times building.  For much of its existence, it was a mere 500 watts, but with a monster signal, and it was a daytimer.  WEJL is now 2000 watts via day, but only 32 at night.

WEJL used to be a middle of the road radio station with a nice amount of local news and an ABC News Radio affiliation.  The station morphed into a "standards" format in the mid 80's.  I believe the top rainbow sticker was from the very early 80's.  A friend told me it could have been from the "Sunshine 63" branding era.

I don't remember exactly when, but WEJL went all-sports several years ago.  The ratings dropped.  Management didn't appear to care because advertisers were apparently more willing to buy commercials on a sports station, rather than one that catered to an older demographic.

As for the newer sticker, WEJL has given up its identity to ESPN, but if you're going to be a sports affiliate, it's best to be aligned with the so-called "worldwide leader."  I say that, even though FOX Sports Radio offers better programs in the morning and at night.

The station is rich in history.  It has roots going back to the early 20's, and some big names got their start here.  WEJL was one of the first with a daily talk show.  It was a mid day program called "Issue Line."

>>>UPDATE:   Former WEJL News Director Rich Mates e-mailed Saturday morning to say the rainbow sticker was part of the "someplace special" imaging of the early 80's.  Its use was discontinued when WEJL adopted the "Music of Your Life" standards format in 1984.  Thanks, Rich!