Saturday, November 14, 2009


This was one of my favorite radio stations, WSGD, Solid Gold 94.3.  The music was good.  The talent kept it moving along.  I even did a little fill in work on the news desk here in the early 90's.

94.3 is licensed to Carbondale, and the tower is on a mountain above that city.  It has a good signal in the valley.

The sticker shows something that's now rather common.  Hook up with an advertiser.  Get them to pay for part of the sticker cost.  On the back-- coupons and a contest entry blank.

I Googled "Mister Donut."  It's now an overseas operation.  There are no longer any stores here in the USA  The chain wasn't memorable.  Average donuts, at best.  There was a time when donut shops were changing names and brands left and right.  No one has been able to knock off Dunkin' Donuts as the king of the chains, although there are a few supermarkets and many "mom and pop" bakeries that produce a superior product.

WSGD, sadly, is no longer with us.  It was sold a few times.  It's now "Lite 94.3" and I don't know how long that will continue.  The station was recently sold-- again.  The new owner has yet to go public with a format.