Sunday, December 27, 2009

2009: The River Common, and Weekend Update

Friday, it was a winter shot as we look back on my favorite photos of 2009.  Today, on this weekend after Christmas, we turn to summer.

This was an early morning shot from late June.  It was taken near the Wilkes University entrance to the new River Common.  That's the Luzerne County Courthouse in the distance.  The opening of the River Common was among the better things to happen in our area this year.

And below is a photo of another trail-- the one at Nay Aug Park in Scranton.


George Michael died early Thursday morning.  70. Cancer.  Michael did the sports on the NBC station in
Washington, DC for nearly thirty years.  He also hosted the syndicated "George Michael Sports Machine" TV show. Before that, Michael was a DJ on the legendary New York City radio station WABC.  To we old radio guys, just about everyone who worked at WABC is a god. Michael is part of the club.  I also can't overlook Michael's time on another one of America's great radio stations, WFIL in Philadelphia.

Cable:  I generally like my cable company and internet provider.  I won't mention the name, but it's one of the really, really big ones.  I got involved in this on-line chat thing because one of my channels disappeared without explanation.  The "customer service" (words used loosely) rep was astoundingly inept and uninformed as to what's going on in her own company.  She tried to get me one of those free digital adapters, which we'll all need eventually due to upcoming changes in the system.  When I double checked the bull she was feeding me, on another part of the web site, it was all wrong.  For what we pay for cable, we deserve better.  By the way, can someone explain what happened to the Style network on channel 99?

"A Christmas Story" was cute.  Once.  Only once.  I never could understand why it was elevated to "Christmas classic" status.  There are much better holiday films out there.   I could watch "Bad Santa" all day.

Diane Sawyer had a good first week as the new face of ABC News.  She'll be fine as the "World News" anchor.  The new graphics look great.  However, it looks like she's broadcasting every night from a dark shoe box.  What happened to that light, bright, airy newsroom that Peter Jennings used?

Bad Photographs:  Relax.  The well is running dry.  Things will return to normal after the start of the new year.  By the way, a few people have written to say they like the shot I had on the blog header for the past few days.  I took it just after the snow stopped last Sunday morning.  I turned on just one of the big backyard lights.  It gave me a semi-moonlight effect, which was a total accident.  The camera was on a cardboard box, which substituted for a tripod.  Note to bad photographers like myself:  invest in a tripod.  I have an extremely inexpensive one, and it makes a ton of difference-- especially in low light conditions.

College Bowl Games:  With a couple exceptions, I'm having severe problems getting interested this year.  That seems to be the norm, and I'm not the only one who feels that way.

In the past, I've written how Silent Night is now a foreign concept on Christmas Eve and Christmas morning.  This year was no exception-- bar fights, domestics, fires, crashes, and a shooting.  A little advice.  The young woman killed in a crash, according to police, wasn't wearing a seat belt.  Please, wear yours.  The shooting was self inflicted.  There are people out there willing to help.  Just pick up the phone.  You don't have to suffer in silence.

I received three Facebook invites on Christmas Day and another one yesterday.  I don't have a Facebook page, and there are no plans to add one.  If you see a Facebook page with me on it, it's unauthorized and ignore it.  I later learned you can be invited to join Facebook, without having a Facebook page.  I passed.  Please, no more invites.

Enough complaining about the Seven Day Forecast already!  The last couple days are only a rough guide.  It's not gospel.  For every angry e-mail I see, there's another one asking for an even longer range forecast.