Monday, January 25, 2010

City Without Limits

The city of Allentown has a new logo and slogan.  You can see the logo on the left.  It was unveiled last week.  The slogan is "City Without Limits."

It's underwhelming.

I refer you to an earlier blog, the one about the Avoca airport.  Businesses choose locations because of cheap land, cheap labor, and cheap utilities.  A cute (?) logo and catchy slogan aren't going to get it done.

It's nice to see Allentown is trying to re-invent itself.  It's going to take more than this.  Downtown Allentown has problems, including a big perception that it's not safe.  Lehigh Valley highways can't handle the traffic flow.  Big industries, like Mack Truck, have flown south.

By the way, the cost of the logo design and slogan formulation was not released.

An update on a blog from a couple weeks ago... I remarked a couple weeks ago how the restaurant outside Wilkes-Barre/Scranton International Airport has been vacant for three years.  Last week, the Airport Board cut a deal with a small chain called "Midtown Sundries" to take over the restaurant.  It should be open in a couple months.

One final note today...  I have to note the passing of Ken Matz.   He died Saturday.  Cancer.  I used to watch him on WMAR TV 2 during my many trips to Baltimore.  Matz had a long career before that, on radio and television in Philadelphia, Harrisburg, and Reading.  He was just a smooth, solid, professional anchor.