Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The End Of The World As We Know It

Society is now officially in the toilet.  It's over.

Wilkes University is offering a spring course on "Public Relations and Social Media."

Yes kids, you can waste your parents' money learning how to Twitter and Facebook in college.

Due to what I do for a living, I meet a lot of college students.  Many are interns.  Others, I encounter while doing stories at colleges and universities.  Twitter and Facebook are the last thing these young people should be learning, even if you cloak it in using those resources in a business environment.  I've met many, too many, unprepared for the real world and lacking in skills.

Offer another English course.  Politics.  Government.  Civics.  Writing.  Speech.  Anything but the monumental waste of time (next to blogging) that is Twitter and Facebook.

What's next?  Instruction in texting?  Making microwave popcorn?  Loading your i-Pod?  Computer solitaire? Yahoo Personals?

It's not too late to get on the right "course."